Jigu Access Panel Production has perfect look and very good effect after installation.We have 5 types of aluminum access panel with gypsum board inlay.The thickness of aluminum profile is 1.3mm and the thickness of gypsum board is 9.5mm,12mm.One of our customer from America requires 16mm thickness gypsum board,we also can meet his requirement.We contact with the gypsum board factory and ask if they can produce 16mm gypsum board,they said yes.We can adjust our production to meet our customers’ requirement,whatever they need,we will do our best to give our best services.

The white powder coating has two kinds,one is light white,the other one is matte white.Matte white is popular and it costs more than light white.

Our aluminum access panel has snap lock,it is concealed after installation.Push it when you want to open it.

We can sell the frame if customers only need the frame,they can add the gypsum board by themselves after they get our production.It’s very easy and convenient for them to add it.

Many customers like this product very much cause it is cheaper and easier to install.It looks very nice after installation.