Reporters heard from a number of senior people,the building materials of home market focus on the trend of steady development,it will not have much volatility in the next half year.”In recent years,the building materials industry reshuffle intensified,but the market is a natural ecosystem of survival of the fittest,From the beginning of the panic to the present calm response,many building materials enterprises have their own ‘health of the Road’ slowly,even if there are related policies, industry standards and other effects, they also can be able to calmly deal with.”A home business person in charge is optimistic about the development of building materials home market in the next half years.
For how much bigger the problem of development potential of the building materials market in the next half year,insiders pointed out that with the promotion of the real estate industry “de-stocking” work,its downstream industry, home industry trends will be warmer,which will release the demand for home improvement,it will bring a certain dividend for the enterprises.Coupled with the arrival of the renovation season in the next half year,the market demand for building materials may be greater.
It is understood that from China’s real estate reform to today’s commercial housing,now it is the second renovation of the time window.In 2017, new homes and secondary decoration of the core city will show rapid growth, under the influence of these factors, the development of building materials home market will usher in a development opportunity.

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